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You desire and deserve a straight smile without suffering through the pain and discomfort of braces. At Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Leesburg, Virginia, Haidy Messih, DDS, is a certified Invisalign® provider who offers these convenient, effective clear aligners to correct your smile misalignments. Call the office or schedule a consultation online to learn how you can get a beautiful smile without braces.

Invisalign Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to braces when it comes to correcting a crooked or misaligned smile. Invisalign is a set of clear, plastic aligners that slide over your teeth. They’re customized to solve your smile issues and gradually shift your teeth with time.

The clear aligners are barely noticeable; you wear them for at least 20 hours per day to get the ideal results. You remove the aligners for oral hygiene and eating, but when you’re not eating or brushing and flossing, the Invisalign aligners should stay in your mouth – even when you sleep.

How does Invisalign compare to braces?

Many people prefer Invisalign to the metal and brackets of braces. They’re comfortable and easy to wear.

Invisalign offers the following benefits as compared to braces:

  • Comfort: the soft plastic won’t cut your mouth
  • Invisibility: the aligners are clear
  • Convenience: you remove them to eat and brush

Research shows Invisalign treatments have work up to 50% faster than other orthodontic treatments.

Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign does well with many types of dental misalignments. The doctors recommend it to correct issues, such as:

  •  Overcrowded teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Rotated teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Relapse after braces

Crossbites, overbites, underbites, and open bites can all be corrected. If you have generally crooked teeth or a mix of baby and adult teeth, Invisalign may be a perfect choice.

What should I expect from an Invisalign treatment?

First, your teeth need to be examined by Dr. Messih to see if Invisalign is the ideal choice for you. She uses the Itero element scanner to create 3D images of your teeth and help you visualize how Invisalign will reform your smile. The scanned images also allow doctors to develop a customized treatment plan.

The doctors send your treatment plan to the Invisalign lab, where the aligners are made for you. When the aligners arrive – within six weeks – the team at Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry fit the aligners to your teeth. They educate you on how to wear and care for them.

As you gradually wear the aligners, your teeth shift as per your treatment plan. Depending on how your teeth react, you may need adjustments to your plan and the creation of new aligners.

After one to two years, your teeth will move into their proper alignment.

To request an appointment that works with your lifestyle and schedule, call Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry or use the online booking tool. Get started with Invisalign and straighter teeth today.