Effective Dental Exams & Cleanings for Leesburg, Ashburn & Potomac Falls, VA

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At the practice of Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we know oral health is connected to overall health. We provide thorough teeth cleanings and dental checkups, helping to build you a steadfast defense against infection, disease, and other issues. If you feel like your teeth and gums need an efficient, satisfying cleaning, or you'd like a professional report regarding your oral situation, we have you covered.

Our seasoned dental team is backed by advanced technology designed to achieve accurate diagnoses. We are dedicated to helping you make better decisions to aid your oral condition and instill proper habits to keep your smile beautiful and healthy for years into the future. We have a passion for preserving the oral health of our beloved community, and we look forward to welcoming you and every member of your family into our office. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


How Does Poor Dental Hygiene Impact Health?

The oral cavity can be a vulnerable location for bacteria to grow and infection to spread. That's why it's important for you to be consistent with your oral hygiene on a regular basis to optimize your health. These are some of the complications that can arise from poor dental hygiene:

  • Risk of Heart Disease & Stroke: Patients who suffer from gum disease, often caused by plaque buildup and bacteria growing in the oral cavity, are much more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease and the narrowing of their arteries.
  • Respiratory Conditions: Bacterial infection in the mouth has the potential to travel into the bloodstream and enter the lungs. This heightens your chances of suffering from bronchitis or pneumonia.
  • Risk of Cancer: Gum disease has been linked to increased chances of cancer in the kidney, pancreas, and blood.

Our Comprehensive Dental Exams

It's important to receive regular dental checkups and oral screenings to maintain teeth and gum health; twice per year is usually sufficient. If you have any latent dental issues, we can uncover them and provide proper treatment before they have a chance of developing into something worse. Our Leesburg dental checkups include:

  • Checking for cavities, plaque, tartar, and other signs of oral complications
  • Annual gum charting, risk assessment, nutritional advice, and education about gum disease
  • Checking your bite for misalignment
  • Evaluating existing restorations
  • Discussing oral hygiene habits and practices
  • Digital x-rays once per year or more if needed
  • Oral cancer screenings with VELscope®

We utilize intraoral cameras to display a clear image of your oral cavity giving our dentists a strategic vantage point into your situation. This safe and comfortable technology helps our team view hard-to-see angles for sharper diagnose and more effective treatment plans. Intraoral cameras also allow the patient to view the images of their oral situation to better understand their health and potential need for treatment.

What Does a Cleaning Do for My Teeth?

A professional dental cleaning can benefit your oral health and make your teeth and gums feel fresh. Some of the services you can expect from our excellent dental cleanings include:

  • Removing plaque and tartar around the gum line and teeth
  • Expert flossing
  • Thorough polishing
  • Fluoride
  • Sealant treatments to prevent tooth decay (typically for younger patients)

For most patients, we recommend one cleaning every six months or twice a year. However, in some scenarios, you may be advised to schedule cleanings every three months. Some individuals are more prone to cavities and gum disease than others. Our dental team would happily answer any questions regarding how often you should schedule teeth cleanings.

Dental Exams & Cleanings FAQs

Dental exams and cleanings are relatively straightforward but vital procedures that every individual should undergo. It's valuable information to understand the basics of dental services and how they operate. Some of the questions we frequently get asked about teeth cleanings and exams include:

Is cleaning included in a dental exam?

Not necessarily. An exam involves carefully looking at the teeth, mouth, and throat to identify any potential issues. If you're receiving a cleaning in the same appointment, it will usually be performed before the examination.

Generally, no. Routine teeth cleanings are simple, noninvasive treatments, and our gentle dentists will do everything possible to ensure the process is safe, pleasant, and effective for you and your family.

We can provide your child their first dental exam at three years old, or within six months of their first tooth emerging.

Reliable Loudon County Dental Exams and Cleanings

At the practice of Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we have the dedication and modern dental techniques to help you achieve a sparkling smile and a clean bill of oral health. We will work hard to catch any complications and infections in your oral cavity and treat them accordingly, while delivering an efficient teeth cleaning that will leave you with a healthy, confident smile you'll be happy to flash.

We are ready to welcome you into our office and offer quality Loudon County teeth cleanings and dental exams that you and your loved ones can rely on for years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!