Had a great visit there today. I drink a lot of coffee and tea and my teeth were badly stained. Emily took good care of me and got all the stains off and Dr. Messih was so friendly and did a thorough check on my teeth. Thank you!

Rasha F.

We moved to Ashburn 2.5 years ago and tried two other dental practices with disappointing results. Finally, we have found a professional, technically competent, team based and welcoming dental provider. I have approximately 27 crowns, that are 25 years old (ie metal based, porcelain caps) that are beginning to deteriorate and, one in particular detached and crushed. Time for a new crown! When you first arrive Robin, the Office Administrator, is spot on with forms, payment options etc. I was taken promptly by JoAnna, Dental Assistant, who surveyed my mouth (X-Rays etc.) and began prepping the post. She later took numerous impressions to fabricate a temporary tooth. Having been involved in developing several dental products that have become mainstream over the years, JoAnna's technical skills are among the best I have experienced. Next, Dr. Khourissan (sp?) or was it Dr. Armanious, it does not matter, she is terrific. I am highly familiar with Univ of Penn Dentistry having provided three different pieces of technology my company developted, to the school which are used to train the dental students. She learned well! Again her technical skills, care and adherence to current practice is among the best providers I have known. Pain free, she finished prep for JoAnna who then fabricated a temp acrylic/ceramic tooth. No more missing front tooth! (Note: Over the years I have worked with over 90 dentists, three of the dental supply companies, and have developed an awareness of dental competency). This practice is definitely among the best. JoAnna then applied the adhesive and set the tooth, Tara completed the appointment with a thorough cleaning, gum exam etc. She too is a pro; my last dental cleaning at another practice was, shall we say, bizarre. We finally found a welcoming and professional practice as have many others who have awarded 5 Stars. I award this rating with no reservation.

Edward B.

Very considerate of my comfort and informative during my extensive procedure.

Carole F.

My appointment was the first part for getting a crown. Dr. Messih and her assistant JoJo were fantastic. A very painless experience for me. Back in 2 weeks for the final crown. And a bonus was I could watch HGTV as Dr. Messih renovated my tooth.

John K.

Everything are Excellent

Mona S.

2 crowns done at the same visit - much nicer than needing 2 separate visits. Everything went just fine.

Richard L.