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Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is now happily accepting new patients to be seen by Dr. Haidy Messih. Our accomplished dentist is a perfectionist when it comes to improving her patients’ smiles. Her meticulous approach to the enhancement and restoration of your smile is evident in the results she delivers, time and again.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Leesburg, Virginia

Our Leesburg, Virginia Cosmetic Dentist Offers a Wide Range of Services

Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is an amalgam-free dental office that provides healthy and durable white fillings that blend in with your smile. Whether you need a minor improvement or complex dental reconstruction, one or a combination of the following services Drs. Messih and Black can meet your needs:

  • Teeth Whitening:
    Our dentists prefer to use Poliday® brand whitener for chairside treatment. For an effective and convenient take-home method, we provide the Opalescence Go®. These professional-strength, at-home brightening strips can significantly lighten your teeth in two weeks or less. Learn More
  • Porcelain Veneers:
    For teeth that have chips, superficial cracks, mild gaps, veneers can completely transform your smile. They are designed to be long-lasting and precisely match the shade of your healthy teeth. Our dentists take great care in placing these porcelain shells on your damaged teeth to provide a strong bond and natural look. Learn More
  • Direct Bonding:
    An economical alternative to porcelain bonding, this treatment can also address small chips, cracks, and deep permanent staining that professional teeth whitening cannot reach.
  • Crowns and Bridges:
    To repair or replace one or more teeth, Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Leesburg offers the best in materials to renew your smile with a strong, functional, and natural-looking restoration. We offer porcelain, zirconia, e.max crowns and high-quality ceramic bridges, to best replicate your healthy, natural teeth. Learn More

Beyond Cosmetic

If you have a number of damaged teeth that need to be repaired or replaced, we offer healthy options from traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures to implant-supported prosthetics.

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Our Leesburg cosmetic dentist is committed to helping you achieve a smile that you can be proud to show off. The team at Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry loves seeing our patients leave the office with a smile on their face and the extra confidence they exhume.


Prosthodontics is the specialized field of dentistry concerned with diagnosing, planning and executing restorative and cosmetic treatments. Dentists who choose to specialize in prosthodontics must complete three or four more years of dedicated training following dental school.

A prosthodontist is, in essence, an architect, who formulates a comprehensive treatment plan and informs the patient as to what is possible. Missing or defective teeth can be extremely detrimental to self-esteem and self-confidence. Using the latest technology, a prosthodontist is able to fill these gaps with functional, natural-looking teeth that boost confidence and enhance the smile.

There are many reasons why a prosthodontist may be consulted, including (but not limited to):

  • Creation of partial or full sets of dentures
  • Desire to whiten the teeth or improve the aesthetics of the smile
  • Filling gaps created by one or more missing teeth
  • Interest in dental implants.
  • What treatments can the prosthodontist perform?

Prosthodontic treatments are designed to be functional, long-lasting and pleasing to the eye. These procedures can only be completed on generally healthy teeth. Issues like gum disease need to be controlled before prosthodontic treatments can begin.

There is an ever-increasing number of high-tech prosthodontic treatments available including the following:

  • Dental Implants:
    Implants are designed to replace the natural teeth in the best possible way. Titanium roots are implanted in the jawbone in the same way as natural tooth roots. Implants look and feel the same as natural teeth. Learn More
  • Dental Veneers:
    Veneers are porcelain/ceramic covers that are bonded to the natural teeth. Veneers can instantly solve problems like uneven teeth, stained teeth, and chips and damage caused by general wear and tear. Learn More
  • Dental Crowns:
    Prosthetic crowns are generally made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. They have been designed to mimic the natural crown (surface of the tooth) and can last for up to a decade, and possibly longer. Learn More
  • Dental Bridges:
    Conventional and cantilever bridges are used to support a prosthetic tooth. The natural teeth can support the bridge if they are in good condition, or dental implants may be used as anchors. Learn More
  • Complete Dentures:
    A complete set of dentures can be created for people who have no teeth due to gum disease or trauma. Complete dentures restore functionality to the mouth and make chewing and speaking easier. Learn More
  • Partial Dentures:
    Where many teeth have been lost, removable or fixed partial dentures can prove to be an excellent option. They enhance the aesthetics of the smile in addition to improving chewing abilities. Learn More

What other problems can a prosthodontist treat?

In addition to performing the treatments described above, the prosthodontist is also adept at treating problems with the jaw (TMJ), alleviating severe snoring, managing sleep apnea, and reconstructing the teeth following oral cancer treatments. Generally, the prosthodontist works in combination with other dental health professionals to ensure the best possible restorative results are achieved.

If you have questions or concerns about prosthodontics, please contact your prosthodontist.

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Dwaine P.

5 Stars Review

Rachel E.

Very friendly staff! All throughout the routine cleaning, the staff explained what they were doing and why. I felt like they went above and beyond to make me comfortable and informed about my dental health.
Dwaine P.

5 Stars Review

Dwaine P.

The office is clean and pleasantly decorated. The staff was friendly and very professional. I like how organized and prompt everything was on my first visit to this dentist. So far, I'm impressed and plan to have more work done in the upcoming weeks.
Clay M.

5 Stars Review

Clay M.

The staff is friendly and have been gentle on my kids and I. The hygienists are clear when a service will cost extra with my insurance, so there are no surprises. Good folks.
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I am a strong believer in providing high-quality service to my patients by treating them as a family.

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