5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Teeth Whitening

Approximately one out of every four people hate to smile because they’re not happy with their teeth. While there are many reasons you might not love your smile, yellow teeth is one of the top complaints.

Our dentists Haidy Messih, DDS, and Basma Armanious, DMD, at Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry want you to have a healthy — and beautiful — smile. We provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry services so that you can fall in love with your smile once again. 

Professional teeth whitening with GLO™ Science teeth-whitening products is a fast and effective way to turn a dull smile into a brilliant one.

Below, our team highlights five reasons to invest in professional teeth whitening.

1. Whitening products that work 

When you want a dazzling smile, you don’t want mediocre whitening results. GLO Science professional whitening treatments are clinically proven to work better than other whitening gels or strips.

2. Safe and reliable treatments 

There’s no shortage of old wives’ tales that make false promises of quick whitening remedies. The truth is that many of those “remedies” might do more harm than good. Abrasive scrubs, for example, can harm your enamel. 

When you come to Loudoun Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, rest assured that you receive whitening treatments safely. The GLO whitening device is registered with the FDA and is listed as a class one medical device

The whitening gel is safe, too. GLO Vial whitening gel is made of hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down safely into oxygen and water. 

3. Brighter smiles = more confidence 

A brighter, whiter smile can completely change your self-esteem. If you constantly hide your teeth, smiling and even talking to co-workers can make you feel self-conscious. Feel confident in a dazzling smile.

You’re not stuck feeling embarrassed about yellow teeth. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you explore all of your professional whitening options, including in-office and take-home options. 

4. Faster results

Unlike over-the-counter whitening treatments, professional teeth whitening can transform your smile in just about 60 minutes. GLO Science whitening treatments provide fast results thanks to a clinically proven bleaching gel. 

Once the gel is in place, the warming and lighting technology boost the whitening process. No more waiting for weeks to see a difference in your smile!

5. More comfortable treatments

The most common side effect of whitening treatments is temporary sensitivity. This side effect is particularly worse for over-the-counter strips and gels that ooze out of trays and touch your gums. 

GLO works to reduce this side effect with a special hydrogen peroxide formula. The GLO whitening gel is free of alcohol, but that’s not the only way it prevents sensitivity. The gel isn’t thin or runny, which means it’s designed to stay where you put it. 

Because the gel stays put, it won’t drip onto your gums. According to the experts at GLO Science, most people who use GLO to brighten their smiles don’t experience any sensitivity throughout their treatment.

To treat yourself to professional teeth whitening, schedule a consultation with our team. You can reach our Leesburg, Virginia, office at 703-659-2805 or book your appointment online today

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